This is the official blog of the Workers’ Self-Education Project.  It is a space for radical workers to explore and discuss the theory and practice of the new global labor movement, yet to be born.  Here we will also examine a wide range of current events through the lens of the new class consciousness, and endeavor to place new developments within the grand sweep of history.  We will also be posting items of cultural and artistic value to the struggle of our class.  We are writing at least one post per week, so check back often!

The Instigators

The Workers’ Self-Education Project is the handiwork of Scott Myers and Katherine Wilson. We started it because we saw the need to spread class consciousness among a new generation of workers, a generation that is subject to historically unique conditions of work and life. Also, since we came into political consciousness after the fall of Communism, we see the necessity of developing a new kind of consciousness that does not respect the traditional fault lines of 20th century labor radicalism.

We have come to the conclusions expressed in our writings from independent study, from our naïve experience with non-labor ‘Leftist’ organizations, and from the daily experience of our working lives in the era of declining capitalism. We are self-taught. We are not affiliated with any political party or ‘tendency’, educational establishment, or ideological dogma.

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